EXCLUSIVE London - New York City has long been seen as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Therefore it should come as little surprise that Manhattan's Upper 5th Avenue continue to lead the way as the world's most expensive shopping street. The street has managed to hold onto its […]

Chinese shoppers unleashed a record deluge of cash online for Singles Day on Friday, Alibaba said, spending more than 13 billion dollars with the e-commerce giant in the world's biggest online shopping promotion. Singles' Day -- named for the repeated digit 1 in the date November 11 -- was created by […]

London - Swedish fashion retailer H&M is expanding its reach and moving into new markets, as the retailer has signed to open its first stores in Georgia in 2017. In addition to opening its debut stores in Georgia, H&M will also be opening its debut stores in Colombia, Iceland and Kazakhstan next year. […]

REPORT London - The rise of the fast-fashion business model has introduced a series of pros and cons for the global industry, ranging from environmental problems to product perception. But, most tellingly of all, it continues to pressure mid-market retailers to go on discounting, as a new study reveals […]

London - Tamara Mellon is said to have already had her mind set on launching a direct to consumer business model back in 2013. Now, three years and one Chapter 11 bankruptcy later, the footwear designer is back with a her new vision and brand - one which isn't that far off from the 'See Now, Buy Now,' […]

London - For years the average female size has been cited as between a UK size 12 - 14 (US 8 - 10). A new study from the Washington State University indicates this average to be closer to a size 18 - 20 (US 14 -16). However, in stark contrast to the average female 'plus' size, standard fashion mannequins […]

Social media are being credited with democratising the landscape of fashion in London and New York. But in Milan's swankiest shopping street, an end to the industry's ingrained elitism, with its invitation-only events and cosy tribalism, still seems a long way off. Via Montenapoleone, home to the flagship […]

Burberry's successful 'see now buy now' runway show on Monday is sending shockwaves down the core of the fashion industry. What had seemed impossible to execute: managing the supply chain lead times, selling the collection via wholesale channels months in advance, shooting the campaign before the show, […]

Tamara Mellon is said to be preparing for her big return to the industry next month, as the footwear designer is set to relaunch her eponymous brand online this October under a direct-to-consumer business model. The new structure is said to remove all wholesale accounts and see Tamara Mellon offers […]

Media reported over the weekend that British retailer Monsoon Accesorize will close down 141 stores as leases approach expiration – in the coming five years - in a move to decouple the two brands. According to the ‘Guardian’, the retailer has decided to shut down those joint-brand stores, with 141 stores […]

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