A new report is urging the Chinese government for tighter e-commerce regulations as the world's largest retail economy continues to be flooded with fake goods. The authenticity and quality of products sold online in China came under scrutiny again as the latest government report showed complaints over […]

German sports major Adidas has got a green signal from the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) to open its first fully owned outlet in India in the second half of fiscal 2016. The company had filed an application with DIPP in July. The company expects that the combination of its own retail […]

OPINIONNew York - It seems like the impossible has happened, or was it the completely predictable? Kanye West's Yeezy collection has completely sold out at retail value. Now, keep in mind this is the same man who received scathing reviews at NYFW, and has still gotten little praise as a designer. He […]

For a long time, the promised lands of virtual reality remained the territory of early adopters, technological innovators and advanced gamers. However, little by little a new party has been encroaching onto the playing field, eager to tap into the immerse sway of virtual reality, namely fashion retailers. […]

London - Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is hoping its lobbying tactics in the US will prevent its online stores from being listed on the US government's list of pirated products amid increasing complaints about counterfeit goods on its trading platforms. Alibaba is currently the world's second largest […]

London - Hong Kong has seen falling retail rents since this the start of the year, with Prada shopping for lower rates back in April and Coach closing a store in a key location. Hong Kong is seeing luxury brands consolidating their networks with some merging their stores, while others are abandoning […]

New York - Karl Lagerfeld will be diving into the world of e-commerce in true Karl Lagerfeld fashion. The legendary designer will be launching e-commerce for his eponymous label in multiple languages and in multiple countries, with artnet.com as his retail partner. Artnet.com will be auctioning off […]

Los Angeles - Canadian apparel brand Kit and Ace just unveiled that it will open three new locations in Southern California. The elevated basics brand will open locations in Venice, El Segundo, and Old Town Pasadena. According to Racked LA the two latter locations will debut this year on October 29 […]

London - Luxury stores may be re-adjusting their China sales forecasts, with some closing stores and slowing expansion, but Uniqlo, the Japanese high street giant owned by Fast Retailing Co, is seeing "absolutely" no impact on its business. Uniqlo's CEO Tadashi Yanai told Chinese reporters there were […]

London - J.Crew's younger, casual sister label Madewell is expanding its presence online to reach all four corners of the map. The label has extended its e-commerce to over 100 countries across the globe, including Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. "Since launching Madewell […]

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