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Richemont launches digital platform to deter global watch and jewellery theft

By Cenia Zitter



Image: IWC.

Luxury brand holder Richemont announced the launch of a new digital platform called Enquirus that will help to reduce watch and jewellery related crime.

This solution brings together stakeholders from multiple levels, and facilitates cooperation beyond borders between security forces and insurance associates, while enabling free access for customers and partners.

Users can create an account and register the item or collection using the brand and serial numbers. After having uploaded all necessary documents in the digital vault, stolen or lost pieces can be reported and chances of recovery increase.

On top of that, watches and jewellery offered as second hand pieces can be checked in the database, so customers can make sure that they aren’t stolen prior to purchase.

Frank Vivier, chief transformation officer at Richemont, said in the release: “Our goal is to bring onboard as many industry players as possible, as well as the police departments of all the major cities in the world, to make Enquirus the largest international database of lost and stolen watches and jewellery.”

At present, Enquirus has more than 175 luxury watch and jewellery brands preregistered on the platform, including all the Richemont Maisons among other major labels of the industry.

A high number of collections have already been registered by customers, of which over 28,000 pieces are reported as stolen or missing.

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