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eBay hosts authentication events for luxury items

By Tess Stenzel

Apr 9, 2021


Online marketplace eBay has seen a surge in popularity of collectible goods, such as sneakers, luxury watches, and trading cards. To combat fraud and counterfeit items in the luxury category, eBay announced it would host a series of events to authenticate items for customers.

Mirroring its Authenticity Guarantee Service for sneaker sales on the e-commerce platform, customers can now participate in events in major cities across the US to have their items authenticated by an expert.

Participants can bring their own items to each collector event for authentication and appraisal. Guests will be able to pull up to a drive-in authentication station and watch while a third-party authenticator evaluates their items and gives an estimation of the item’s worth. There will also be an option for guests to list their items on eBay.

According to eBay, in 2020, there was an average of 1.64 million sneaker listings each day, over 4 Million watches sold, and the trading card category grew by 142 percent.

“Recent data shows that the global sneaker, watch, and trading card resale markets are valued in the billions and expected to continue to surge. As collectors begin to regard these ‘hobbies’ as serious investment opportunities, authentication has never been more important for confirming the value of these collections,” stated eBay in a release.

Additionally, each event will showcase valuable collectible items and give fans an all-access look at some of the most unique collections of athletes and celebrities, starting at the Atlanta event with basketball star Trae Young’s collection of luxury watches.

“Today’s most recognized personalities are frequently known for their unique collections as much as they are their professions – for a lot of celebrities, it’s become part of their brand,” said Charis Márquez, vice president of fashion, eBay, in a release.

“We’re partnering with these high-profile collectors to unearth incredibly rare and one-of-a-kind collectible items, offering a peek into the most jaw-dropping collections across the country.”

Other eBay events scheduled include Nashville, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Austin.