Delta Apparel, in its preliminary results announcement for its 2018 fiscal first quarter ended December 30, 2017 said that the company expects overall net sales to be in the range of 88 to 90 million

Net sales for the fiscal year 2018 first quarter at Delta Apparel, Inc. were 90.3 million dollars, an increase of 14.4 million dollars or 19 percent, from prior year first quarter sales of 75.9 milli

For the fiscal year ended September 30, 2017, Delta Apparel said net income increased to 10.5 million dollars or 1.33 dollars per diluted share, compared with 9 million dollars or 1.12 dollars per di

Announcing its preliminary financial results for the second quarter ended April 2, 2016, Delta Apparel has said that overall gross margins continued to expand during the quarter due to positive growt

Delta Apparel’s second quarter net income increased 33 percent to 4.5 million dollars or 0.58 dollar per diluted share, compared with 3.4 million dollars or 0.43 dollar per diluted share, for l

Delta Apparel has announced that its second quarter expanded gross margins drove net income to 3.4 million dollars or 0.43 dollar per diluted share. Net sales, the company said impacted to some deg

Delta Apparel, Inc. recorded net sales of 100 million dollars, up 1.9 million dollars or 2 percent for the second quarter. Net income for the quarter was 3.6 million dollars or 0.48 dollar per dilute