London - The recently launched Pokémon Go has not only taken over the digital world - the immensely popular mobile app is rapidly leaving its marks all over the real world as well. Thanks to i

London - 70,000 people are calling upon 5 major fashion retailers - Armani, Primark, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Walmart - to go transparent by publicly sharing which factories produce their app

Associated British Foods PLC (ABF.LN), parent group to Primark, presented an improved full-year outlook on Thursday and thanked Primark’s strong performance for it. “The underlying oper

Online retail giant Amazon has been named as one of the retail industry's ‘fastest growing social media’ brands, according to the latest Retail Social Media Benchmark results from eDigita

Primark crossed the Atlantic to open its first store in Boston back in September, 2015. With a fast-fashion offer which comes priced at 30-40 percent below its direct competitors’ prices, and a

London - Most mass market fashion retailers today would agree that e-commerce plays a vital role in guaranteeing success by fulfilling their customer's demands. However, there is one Irish value fast

Although the majority of mass market fashion retailers attribute part of their ongoing success to their strong e-commerce arm, there is one player which stands out amongst the crowd, succeeding witho

London - As Myanmar continues to invest in becoming one of the leading garment-producing and exporting countries, a new report shines a light on the growing number of issues emerging in its fashion s

London - Google Search has recently been updated to include information on peek hours for stores and business around the world in order to help customers decide what is the best time to pay a visit t

London - For all those who are still confused by the increasing crowds of youths (and grown ups) wandering around the high streets, shopping centres and stores, staring at their mobile and shouting t

London - The list of fashion companies to turn their back on mohair following a expose highlighting the animal cruelty linked to the mohair industry continues to grow. Marks & Spencer, Next an

Associated British Foods plc, parent company of Primark has announced that its Chairman Charles Sinclair will retire from the board on April 11, 2018. Michael McLintock, the company added, an indepen

Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) has recently lifted its recommendation on shares in Associated British Foods (LON:ABF) to an ‘Overweight’ due to the low valuation it says is being applied to the

High-street heavy weights Next and H&M have admitted to discovering children Syrian refugees working in Turkish garment factories they source from and have taken the appropriate course of action.

Primark has launched their first sustainable cotton range in conjunction with its Sustainable Cotton Programme. Consisting of 16 different pairs of pyjamas, the range will be on sale across stores as

Pride events have been generating millions in revenue for local businesses in cities like London, New York and Madrid. This comes as no surprise, considering the purchasing power of the lesbian, gay,

Primark, part of the Associated British Foods Plc, has appointed James Mooney as a Director of merchandising, who joined the business from January 15, 2018. Mooney, the company added, brings years of

British discount fashion retailer Primark keeps expanding its footprint across the Pond, with the opening of their ninth store in the U.S. around the corner. However, the affordable fashion chain has

For the year ended September 15, 2018, Primark, part of the Associated British Foods Plc said in a preliminary results statement, sales were 6 percent ahead of last year at actual exchange rates and

Los Angeles - European retailer Primark has announced new plans to open more flagships in the U.S. After having just opened its first U.S. store, the company unveiled that it will have a Northeast ro

For the full year, Primark, part of Associated British Foods expects sales to be 5.5 percent ahead of last year at constant currency, driven by increased selling space offset by a 2 percent decline i

Providing an update prior to entering the close period for its full year results for the 52 weeks to September 19, 2017, Primark, part of the Associated British Foods said that sales are expected to

For the first half period, sales at Primark, part of Associated British Foods, are expected to be 7 percent ahead of those reported last year, at constant currency, driven by increased retail selling

Fast-fashion giant Primark has announced that it has expanded its Sustainable Cotton Programme into Pakistan, one of the key sourcing countries for cotton, one year on from the initiative’s lau

Budget retailer Primark has confirmed that Paula Dumont Lopez has been appointed as trading director and will join the company on January 12. Dumont Lopez who Primark describes as having a “we

As it has been the case in the past exercises, Associated British Foods (ABF) was able to offset its food businesses’ weaknesses thanks to its fashion unit’s success. Primark has reported

For the first quarter to January 5, 2019, sales at Primark, part of the Associated British Foods, were 4 percent ahead of last year, at both constant currency and actual exchange rates. The company s

For the 16 weeks to January 6, 2018, sales at Primark, part of the Associated British Foods Plc, were, the company said, 7 percent ahead of those reported last year at constant currency driven by inc

Value fashion retailer Primark has finally published a list of all the suppliers the company sources its clothes from. On Wednesday, the retail giant released the names and addresses of over 1,000 fa

London - Fast-fashion retailer Primark pulled thousands of pairs men's flip flops from its shelves and issued a recall after finding they contain dangerous levels of cancer causing chemical, namely c