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Handheld aims to improve shipping efficiency

By Kristopher Fraser

Jan 18, 2022

In this world of e-commerce, there is nothing more imperative to retailers than shipment. Handheld is helping make the shipping process more seamless using their new SP500X ScanPrinter. The device is currently the only device of its kind that allows workers to scan a barcode with one swipe and with the next swipe prints information (like which shelf or truck it should go to) on the package. Typically, shipping labels and printing were separated between several computer devices, this one is an all-in-one that can be mounted on the back of a hand.

Handheld created the SP500X ScanPrinter for a specific company that they currently can’t disclose the name of, but before the invention of their device, the typical chain involved a printer, a ring scanner, and another mobile device just to label one box. Their device replaces all of that and gives users hands-free capability since it’s mounted on the back of the hand. A major shipping issue is the room for human error, where all it takes is one person taking their eyes off a box one time for a shipment to go wrong or mislabeled.

With the SP500X being an all-in-one product, it has also saved its first vendor 130,000 tons of paper in printing labels, so there is a sustainable aspect to it as well. IT costs also went down because rather than needing support teams for several devices, there is just support for one device. Their first vendor has reported a 25 percent increase in speed of efficiency and a decrease of 20 percent error-related issues to 0 percent. There’s also been a reduction in labor costs which has helped the company increase profitability. They have now saved 30 million dollars in labor costs. It is also more time-effective because if a certain area in a distribution center needs more workers, they can send one person over with a device rather than needing to move an entire equipment line.

“We finally began selling the SP500x around Christmas to new clients,” a representative for the brand said. “It was originally designed for a specific customer, so we were under exclusive contract, but we currently have two very large accounts interested right now. Companies are of course interested in saving on training costs, as the SP500X helps with as well. Rather than needing to teach employees how to use three separate devices, it’s just the one. The workers who use this love it, and if they ever move to another area of the shipping department where there aren’t enough of these, they complain. There’s really no beating this efficiency.”

Shipping just got a whole lot easier. Packaging is being revolutionized.

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