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Labels to Watch: Beauty and cosmetics brands joining the CIFF line up

By Rachel Douglass


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Bodyologist product line. Credits: Bodyologist.

While the upcoming edition of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) is set to be the first in which its rival Revolver will be entirely ingrained into the show, it also marks the trade fair’s second time to host a beauty category. For this season, however, the section will be noticeably expanded to include a wider range of both international and local beauty and cosmetics brands in a bid to cater to the sector’s increasing demand. Ahead of CIFF, which is set to take place between August 9 and 11, FashionUnited has highlighted some of the new and returning brands that will be attending the event, some of which for their first time.


Woods Copenhagen Daily Foaming Cleanser. Credits: Woods.

Scandinavian brand Woods is centred around holistic beauty, with a particular emphasis on organic ingredients and responsible sourcing, as noted in its brand book. Designed for both men and women, the company’s skincare line includes products for the face, body and hands, and ranges from cleansers and serums to self-tanning lotion and hand washes. Like its packaging, the ingredient lists for each product are minimal, and are selected on the basis of being toxic-free and respectful of nature.

About Woods

  • Points of sale: Ssense, Farfetch, Norstrom, End. Clothing, Firster, Browns Fashion
  • Price: 12 to 77 pounds for single products, 95 to 132 pounds for three-piece sets
  • Production: Products are made in Denmark, with every ingredient harvested from “raw Nordic nature”


Narcyss product line. Credits: Narcyss.

Founded in 2021 by brothers Oscar and Gustaf Törling, Narcyss was created to address the skincare concerns of men, a sector in beauty that notably has less representation than women. Its essential skincare collection, ‘Regime No1’, consists of five products and is produced using small-batch production methods in the brand’s home country of France. Its simplistic take on skincare centres around protecting and repairing the skin through the use of a cleanser, serum, moisturiser, eye care and night mask, each combined with “clinically-supported ingredients” derived from essential nutrients, plant-based ingredients and neoteric science.

About Narcyss

  • Upcoming products: Scrub, anti-bacterial hand lotion, moisturisers with SPF 20 and 50, deodorant, True Salt Water Spray
  • Points of sale: Browns, Farfetch, NK, Smaritaine
  • Price: 8 to 46 pounds for single products, 91 to 249 pounds for sets
  • Production: The brand works with Paris-based chemical scientists to conceptualise product ideas, research blends and create prototypes, and are manufactured in Lille products are 100 percent vegan

Raaw Alchemy

Raww Alchemy, Velvet Cocoon body oil. Credits: Raww Alchemy.

Award-winning beauty and fragrance brand Raaw Alchemy puts its own emphasis on its choice of ingredients, each one it says has been selected for their individual “superpowers” and how they complement each other. Its small batch approach to production is part of its efforts to ensure sustainability remains at its core, further evident in the choice of local manufacturing to create less of a carbon footprint. Products range from eau de parfum and perfume oils to facial oils, serums and cleansers, with the brand’s skincare designed to address specific skin concerns, such as irritation and premature ageing.

About Raaw Alchemy

  • Bestseller: Blue Drops, Blackened Santal Eau de Parfum, Cleansing Silk
  • Points of sale: Zalando, Niche Beauty, Lyko, Goodiebox Shop, Wild Swans, Alyaka
  • Price: 25 to 85 pounds for single products, 100 to 185 pounds for sets
  • Production: In Denmark, where its manufacturing partner utilises wind and bio natural gas certificates from renewable energy firm Ørsted to achieve a CO2 neutral electricity and natural gas consumption throughout production


Bodyologist product line. Credits: Bodyologist.

B Corp-certified Bodyologist lives up to its ethical and sustainable status through its choice of “well-researched, approved and documented ingredients,” each selected for their ability to contribute to the improvement of skin quality. Despite being such a young brand, having only launched in December 2021, Bodyologist already counts a global network of retailers among its partners, where its range of bodycare can be found. Serums, scrubs, lotions and creams make up the brand’s main line of products, utilising “high-concentration” formulas that look to deliver on “unparalleled care”.

About Bodyologist

  • Bestseller: Night Glove Regenerating Body Cream, Instant Booster Body Serum, Everyday Polisher Body Scrub
  • Points of sale: Niche Beauty, Juni & Co, Cosmeterie, Faire, Sara Lorentsen
  • Price: 20 to 50 pounds for single products
  • Production: All products are developed and produced in Denmark

Porcelain Perfumery

Porcelain Perfumery products. Credits: Porcelain Perfumery.

Copenhagen-based perfume house Porcelain was founded in 2019 as a tribute to natural perfumery and the porcelain artistry. According to the brand, its products consist of 100 percent natural ingredients, with its overarching commitments lying in the use of raw materials. Defined as a “slow perfume” brand, Porcelain’s fragrances look to evoke the ingredients integrated and arouse various emotions in the wearer. Its three-piece launch collection puts to use the likes of myrrh, frankincense, cedarwood, clary sage and bergamot, with each of the products also designed to be combined with one another to make the experience of applying more personal.

About Porcelain Perfumery

  • Upcoming products: No. 4 Jasmȃda and No. 5 Gerain
  • Points of sale: Han Kjøbenhavn, Rawness Scents, Virginia1921, Cosmeterie, Ara’aki, The Audo Concept Store
  • Price: 60 to 206 pounds for single products, 40 to 166 pounds for sets
  • Production: All scents are composed in the brand’s Danish perfumery and produced in small batches in a lab in Northern Italy using raw, all natural materials


Skøn product collection. Credits: Skøn.

Skøn’s founder Mina Ingerslev has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, previously working with pharmaceutical and biochemistry experts before launching her own business. Originating from the spa world, the brand looks to appeal to those that prioritise skincare, offering refined oils that consist of well-researched ingredients and extracts from natural sources. In her own words, Ingerslev sees her products as “small and compact powerhouses”, with a particular emphasis on luxurious quality that has been handmade via local production. Next to oils, Skøn also offers a mask, face creams, face scrub and serums.

About Skøn

  • Bestseller: Triple Booster Face Serum – winner of Danish Beauty Award 2023, Best Danish Product
  • Points of sale: Products are primarily sold through spa hotels in Denmark and professional skincare clinics
  • Price: 26 to 56 pounds for single products, around 107 pounds for sets
  • Production: Products are mainly produced in-house or in close collaboration with other Danish manufacturers, formulas are developed by founder Mina Ingesley

Bogna Skin

Bogna Skin Daily Face Wash. Credits: Bogna Skin.

Launched in 2020, Bogna Skin is a Polish brand founded by sister-entrepreneurs who set out to achieve skin-safe effective skincare. According to Bogna, every ingredient in the portfolio has a “clear purpose”, with the brand’s mission also set out to be a new sense of luxury that is accessible without compromise. Products are formulated on the basis of innovative solutions that deploy biological systems, with research applied to botanicals and raw materials that are then combined to develop defence and regeneration qualities. The result is a series of cold-pressed oils, serums, face creams, scrubs and perfumes, among other things, that are designed for every skin type, age and gender.

About Bogna Skin

  • Bestseller: Eye Wonder – Extra Reviving Eye Cream, The Wild Rose – Rosewater Toner
  • Points of sale: The brand operates its own online store that ships worldwide, as well as a Warsaw-based flagship. It also supplies to Polish dermocosmetics stores, Aelia Perfumery at three Polish airports and concept stores in Copenhagen
  • Price: 10 to 67 pounds for single products, 64 to 127 pounds for sets
  • Production: “We invested in our own state-of-the-art lab facility and research and development team. We cooperate with a contract manufacturing company, specialised in dermocosmetics. They produce our products based on our formulas and technology protocol.”


Inuacare product line. Credits: Inuacare.

Greenlandic beauty brand Inuacare has a unique take on its production, collecting specifically Arctic ingredients to formulate its wide range of skincare products. The brand is based upon the work of generations of indigenous people from the region, who have perfected the use of limited natural resources for products designed to protect in harsh conditions. Inuacare particularly targets women aged between 26 to 65 who are seeking effective products that combine sustainable values with cosmetic benefits. Its 13 piece collection hopes to offer just that, providing shoppers with the likes of gels, masks, facial cream and balm, among other things.

About Inuacare

  • Bestseller: Tupaarnat Facial Moisturiser, Asiaq Extra-Care Balm and Illuliaq Facial Peel Mask
  • Points of sale: Haus of Hu, Craft Collective Copenhagen
  • Price: 15 to 57 pounds for individual products, around 46 pounds for sets
  • Production: “Made in Greenland, naturally handpicked”
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