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ISKO™ x Miles Johnson – Light On The Land 2

By Press Club

Dec 2, 2020


2 December 2020 - Former Design Director at Levi Strauss & Co. and Senior Creative Director of Product Design and Development at Patagonia, Inc., Miles Johnson, has released his latest capsule collection using only R-TWO™ fabrics by ISKO™.

The second edition of this partnership tells the story of a unique combination of creativity and expertise brought to the table by ISKO™’s style and design centre, Creative Room Italy, and the innovative designer Miles Johnson, resulting in a collection featuring responsible R-TWO™ fabrics and a selection of sustainable accessories and details.

The project includes32 unique pieces, each of them realized with seasonless designs and sustainably-minded details. Using a mixture of reused cotton and recycled fibres, the technique embeds material circularity into the production processes, designing waste out of the system and minimizing impact at scale. Certified to Textile Exchange environmental credentials according to the percentage of materials contained, R-TWO™ ensures better use of raw materials and resource efficiency. R-TWO™ fabric technology is one of ISKO's innovations in denim, with sustainability at its centre. The focus is on minimising waste throughout the entire production process, and where waste is completely unavoidable, we reuse, recycle, or recover wasted resources.

All R-TWO™ fabrics contain recycled and/or reused materials, and are created through energy-efficient processes with efforts to minimise environmental impact in every step of the process. The reused cotton for R-TWO™ comes from our own production line loss, which we continually track and trace. This makes it a more sustainable option for designers who want their collections to reflect their values, making a positive impact while lessening their environmental footprint.

“When we first started working on this project, we knew it was going to be amazing,” explained Massimo Munari, Manager and Art director Creative Room, ISKO. “To design a collection like this, you need to begin with the right mindset and of course, the right materials. R-TWO was the perfect ingredient, thanks to the re-used and re-cycled content. We then aimed to minimize impact at all stages: incorporating sustainable design ideas, washing processes and trims. We are proud to have created such an inspiring, and sustainable collection, and to bring our collective vision to light.”

Miles Johnson