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Two ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 looks make their debut at the Graduate Fashion Foundation (LFW)

By Press Club

Sept 25, 2020


Two ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 looks make their debut at the Graduate Fashion Foundation, part of London Fashion Week, a springboard for new talent striving to bridge the gap between education and industry.

Following an unprecedented academic year, GFF celebrates how the Class of 2020 have adapted and overcome adversity to complete their degrees across 26 fashion specialisms, from Design and Knitwear to Comms, Marketing and Business.

London, 17-22 September –To bring together fashion educators and industry leaders and to support their graduates to reach their full potential once they have graduated: this has always been GFF’s main goal for the past28 years. Now more than ever, GFF continues in its long-standing commitment to share good practic eand knowledge and to inspire students to become innovators, environmental leaders, employees, and educators while promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity within an international platform –very much in keeping with ISKO I-SKOOL™ values and approach which resonate throughout the contest’s Denim Awards.

Designers Kotryna Adomaityte and Isabel Hambly from Nottingham Trent University were 2 of the 9 winners of the ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 Awards, announced in a phygital ceremony held on July 22. The two students were invited to showcase their winning creations at GFF. Kotryna, winner of the ISKO I-SKOOL™ PERICOLO Award by Cadica Group, impressed the audience with her “Wild West Denim” look to London at the GFF Showroom. Isabel Hambly, winner of the ISKO I-SKOOL™ Best Marketable Product, stole the show with her “Women at war” outfit which was displayed at the Catwalk Show, live-streamed from Samsung KX on September 22.

That two of ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7winners and finalists were part of this important event is proof of thesignificant role the contest –developed and supported by ISKO –plays in nurturing and championing talent and creativity. This edition’s main concept was world’s citizenship, with the Creative Theme“North, East, South, West –connected by one planet”. The twenty shortlisted finalists were asked to dig into their roots and to approach different cultures, defining and tracking down the geography of the world connecting them through responsibility. In addition to exploring the planet both locallyand globally, theywere also required to take into account the product life cycle of their outfits –featuring a 5-pocket jeans to interpret their view on the “local” concept and two Denim Show Piecesto reflect their worldwide influences and topics of interest. These were made with top ISKO™ denim fabrics, meeting the designers’ needs and providing a strong sustainable ingredient.

“We are really proud that two of our winners made it to GFF, with which we have many values in common –it marks another important step in their journey” said ISKO Senior Executive ISKO I-SKOOL™ ProjectIrem Orhun. “All of this goes to show how ISKO I-SKOOL™ plays a fundamental role in providing the foundation to enter the industry more aware of your skills and capabilities.”

About ISKO™

ISKO is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of the SANKO Group. As the premium denim ingredient brand behind people’s most favorite jeans, it has a strong global presence in 35 countries with 60 international locations.

By virtue of its Responsible Innovation™ approach, founded on creativity, competence and citizenship, ISKO works to make the world a better place bringing awareness to environmental as well as social aspects. As a result of its R-TWO™ program made with certified reused and recycled fibers, the company’s denim offer is pushing sustainable materials and innovating.

Committed to an approach of continuous improvement, ISKO relies on external stakeholder engagement, striving for third-party certifications and partnerships. This has led to many achievements, including: bluesign® Partnership, STeP by OEKO-TEX®, Textile Exchange, SAC, ZDHC, and EU Ecolabel.

The ISKO world is a full-power denim force from the ground up, it includes R&D, Creative Room, Iskoteca, ISKO Creative Room Services, Visionary Minds, Marketing and the CSR Sustainability Teams–all working to create a complete network of excellence, creativity and innovation.

The company’s advanced expertise on woven technologies has extended to the world ofsportswear and performance. This has led to the development of two top ISKO™ innovations –ISKO Vital™ and Arquas™ and –which have changed the game by introducing the benefits of woven fabrics, i.e. durability and recovery power, into the activewear segment. As a result, they have become the go-to solutions to a wide spectrum of needs, from high-performance to lifestyle brands that cater also for sportswear.

ISKO is a trademark of SANKO TEKSTIL.
To find out more visit iskodenim.com/sustainability.

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