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Anine Bing on celebrating 10 years of her eponymous brand

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

Mar 9, 2022

Business |Interview

Image: Anine Bing

In 2012, Anine Bing launched her brand from her garage in Silver Lake, fast-forward 10 years, the womenswear brand is heading into its biggest year to date, with more store openings, new categories, collaborations, and an expansion into China.

Bing, a Los Angeles-based influencer-turned-designer, has grown her eponymous brand from a see-now, buy-now debut collection consisting of two pairs of denim, a white T-shirt, and a black leather jacket to a one-stop-shop for a women’s wardrobe. The brand now has weekly drops featuring coats, cashmere knits, blazers, denim, shoes, handbags, fine jewellery, and fragrance, and in April, it will launch a new resort category.

Hitting the 10-year milestone is impressive, but Bing, who has built up her brand from a two-person team, alongside her husband Nicolai Bing, as chief executive officer to having a headquarters in LA with more than 75 employees is looking to celebrate the brand with a bang this year.

Currently, Anine Bing has a presence in more than 90 countries and is sold in over 350 stores globally, both online and in-store, with major retail partners including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Selfridges, Le Bon Marche, Net-a-Porter, and Farfetch. The contemporary womenswear label also has a growing brick-and-mortar presence, with more than 10 retail stores around the world, and has plans to add 10 more in 2022, including a second store in London. This is on top of its plans to expand into China with a Tmall flagship store.

Anine Bing to open additional 10 stores in 2022

Image: Anine Bing

To find out more about the future of the womenswear brand and to reflect on the past 10 years, Anine Bing spoke to FashionUnited about the planned expansion, how the pandemic has affected the business, and what to expect from its 10th-anniversary celebrations.

Anine Bing turns 10 this year - a milestone for any brand - what does it mean to you?

It really means the world to me. I had no idea 10 years ago that we would be where we are today. I feel so grateful to not only have made it this far but still feel just as passionate about the brand as I did when we started. It fills me with so much joy to create and have such a loyal and growing customer base.

How has the label changed over the years?

What I love about our brand is that we've really stayed true to our roots since day one. Anine Bing is a brand rooted in Scandinavian simplicity with American energy. We’re a global fashion house focused on everyday wardrobe-essentials and investment pieces for modern women seeking a timeless yet rebellious approach to style. While our collections will always evolve, we create pieces that women can wear 10 years from now.

Has Covid-19 affected your business?

When Covid hit, everyone started working from home meaning our creative process had to adapt. However, my team and I were able to adapt quickly and ensure that we were producing pieces that our customers could fit into their wardrobes at the time. For example, we launched AB Sport last year, which resonated with so many customers who were working out at home or lounging in sweats.

You have plans to open another 10 stores this year - where are you targeting and why?

We do a lot of market research and of course, look at our e-commerce consumer base when exploring new markets to open for freestanding retail stores. As of now, we're opening new stores in Miami, Austin, and Chelsea in London.

Why is expanding your physical retail important for your brand?

Our freestanding stores serve as a place for us to showcase the Anine Bing lifestyle - they are crucial for brand building and also play a role in supporting our growing e-commerce business. The purpose of our retail stores is to offer our customers an immersive experience into our brand. We want our stores to feel like they're a reflection of all of the hard work we put into our pieces/ collections.

Image: Anine Bing

You are also looking to China with a Tmall flagship store - is that an important market for you going forward?

We are seeing growing interest from the China market. Chinese consumers are seeking brands worldwide and products that are beautifully and thoughtfully made, timeless with exceptional quality, this is a perfect match with Anine Bing’s brand philosophy.

We are looking at the China market in a holistic, omnichannel approach, including e-commerce such as the Tmall flagship store, as well as evaluating standalone retail stores. We already have selected wholesale partners in the market such as Net-a-Porter China. Launching Tmall is a natural step for us, we want to meet our customers where they are, and provide them with best-in-class products and services.

What other celebrations do you have to mark your 10th anniversary?

Alongside our resort launch, we will have exclusive collaborations, multiple new store openings to a new face who will appear in our campaigns starting in March. 2022 is a huge year for the brand!

What other categories/products would you love to add in the future?

Right now, it feels like the possibilities are endless, it's such an exciting time for the brand! Developing new categories takes so much time and effort so I can't make any promises as to what's in our future, but I think a home or beauty category would be amazing.

Are you looking to implement more sustainability into your collections?

We only produce limited quantities of each product, depending on demand. I personally only buy and produce premium quality pieces, made to last. We don’t overproduce or destroy excess inventory. We're also working on our shipping practices to reduce excessive packaging and waste.

During your decade in business - what's the most important lesson you have learnt?

Have a clear vision and stick to it. Surround yourself with people that understand your vision. Be ready to roll your sleeves up and put in the work!

Anine Bing