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Asos announces credit card with Capital One

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Asos

Online retailer Asos, which targets 20-somethings with its fashion, is teaming up with Capital One to launch a new and exclusive credit card.

In a short statement, Capital One said that the Asos credit card would be available for “eligible shoppers” later this year and will offer features and benefits that only come with using a credit card, when they shop at Asos and elsewhere, such as Section 75 protection on purchases over 100 pounds.

John Birkbeck, senior director of marketing and partnerships at Capital One UK, said: "Capital One UK is excited to have agreed this partnership with Asos to offer customers the opportunity to benefit from the convenience of using a credit card, while empowering them to be in control and to use credit responsibly."

Elle Kim, director of group payments at Asos, added that further details about the partnership and credit card would be shared “in the coming months”.

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