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Boohoo reportedly demanding 10 percent discount from suppliers

By Rachel Douglass


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Boohoo campaign. Image: Boohoo Group

Fast fashion group Boohoo is believed to be demanding a 10 percent discount from its suppliers in a bid to reduce its supply chain costs.

The discount is said to be regarding both delivered and undelivered clothing, covering all outstanding orders made by the retailer.

The Times cited an unnamed supplier as its source, who told the publication that it had received a call from Boohoo “demanding” the discount.

It added that Boohoo “turns all orders produced into losses” and the firm was “struggling to find suppliers” while “screwing” the ones it had.

The move comes after Boohoo had already faced backlash last year for similar supplier-related matters, when it extended its payment terms from 30 days to 60 days.

The group has regularly been outlining efforts to reduce costs amid falling sales that it has largely attributed to the cost-of-living crisis impacting the UK.

Further efforts have been seen in the closing of its Wellingborough-based distribution centre in January, impacting 420 jobs, and the plan to implement further job cuts at its head office in London, which had initially been reported by The Times.