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Ebay introduces new programme for certified pre-loved luxury

By Rachel Douglass


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Ebay launches Certified by Brands platform. Image: Ebay

Marketplace giant Ebay has launched a new programme that will see it partner directly with brands to widen its selection of coveted and collectible luxury goods.

‘Certified by Brand’ hopes to encourage designers and luxury brands to scale their resale efforts, offering a platform for consumers to purchase authorised pre-loved goods that are exclusive to the site.

The programme complements Ebay’s already established ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ initiative, as it looks to continue pushing for a more trusted and transparent platform.

Via the new feature, shoppers can purchase watches, handbags and fine jewellery from a roster of luxury brands or brand-approved sellers, each labelled in a manner that hopes to make it easier for buyers to identify listings that come as part of the programme.

Brand partners and resellers will also gain access to the consumer insights of Ebay’s network, as well as the ability to influence the pricing of their resale products, brand equity and image across Ebay’s channels.

Currently, the programme is available to partners and buyers located in the US, with authorised sellers set to continue rolling out over the coming weeks. Next year, however, the company said it is planning to expand the offer to other markets.

In a release, Tirath Kamdar, global general manager of Luxury at Ebay, commented: “Certified inventory in the resale market is an undeniable opportunity for brands and authorised retailers, and Ebay is the ideal partner for those looking to scale.

“Ebay’s Certified by Brand programme broadens access to both buyers and brands to shop and sell luxury goods with confidence and certainty.”