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Hollister links with TikTok stars for World Teen Mental Wellness Day

By Tess Stenzel

Mar. 2, 2021


Teen retailer, Hollister Co., has partnered with TikTok stars and the mental wellness podcast Teenager Therapy to surprise select US high schoolers with virtual pop-up mental wellness discussions.

Additionally, Hollister will donate one million dollars across 20 organizations in the US to support teenagers in local communities battling depression and other mental health issues.

Hollister has created a limited-edition collection in honor of World Teen Mental Wellness Day. Ten dollars per sale of each item from the collection will benefit the Hollister Confidence Project, an ongoing initiative supporting individuals and nonprofits working to strengthen teens’ confidence and mental wellbeing.

Hollister supports World Mental Wellness Day

To recognize World Teen Mental Wellness Day and encourage open conversations among Gen Z, TikTokers such as Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Rebecca Black, Maggie Thurmon, and Jack Wright will speak candidly about their mental wellness in the hour-long virtual sessions.

“Mental wellness continues to be a top priority for our teens and is more important to us than ever before, especially given the stressful events of the past year,” said Kristin Scott, global brand president at Abercrombie & Fitch Co., in a press release.

“As we celebrate the second annual World Teen Mental Wellness Day, we’re honored to continue using our platform to support self-care and help teens feel as comfortable and confident as possible.”

The annual event was founded by Hollister in 2020 in partnership with the National Day Calendar and aims to dismantle the stigma around teen mental health.

Image: Hollister