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Infographic - The magnificent world of weddings in the US

By FashionUnited


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Every year, almost 2.4 million couples marry in the United States and splurge almost 60 billion dollars on their wedding day. Also according to the IESE study ‘Millennial Brides. Born in the 1980s, getting married today’ the US is also the third largest manufacturer of wedding dresses worldwide and produces over 1.8 million wedding dresses a year with its annual turnover from dresses alone reaching almost 2.8 billion dollars.

Figures indicate that weddings – whether in the US or any part of the world continue to hold strong importance, which means a huge investment from the bride and groom’s sides. And it of course also means a huge opportunity for businesses related to the entire wedding event. Hence, no wonder that the US wedding market amounts to 60 billion dollars including over 585,000 businesses, employing over 915,000 people - as IBISWorld report says.

Interested how much money the wedding industry in the US generates? Check the infographic below.

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