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Infographic -Weddings in China: An exorbitant, lavish and designer fairytale extravaganza

By FashionUnited


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Most of the studies indicate that weddings in China are considered to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to splurge on everything from wedding dress and photo session to return gifts. Western culture swept into China three decades ago when the communist country welcomed foreign trade. And western brands and ideas have begun influencing China’s booming middle class over the past decade. Chinese couples today are moving towards more luxurious western-style weddings complete with a solitaire and a designer and luxurious white wedding gown for the bride and impeccable black suit for the groom. This situation means a huge opportunity for foreign brands eyeing the Chinese wedding market.

As per the China Wedding Industry Development Report, the wedding industry in China accounts 80 billion dollars and is expected to continue to increase over the coming years due to the rising wealth in the Asian giant. Chinese couples spend an average of 12,000 dollars on their wedding and there are more than 10 million weddings in the country every year. Therefore it is estimated that the wedding industry will reach a size of 120 billion dollars in the next few years.

Interested how much money the wedding industry in China generates? Check the infographic below.

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