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ISKO opens state-of-the-art distribution center near Istanbul

By Marjorie van Elven

Mar 19, 2019


Istanbul - Denim manufacturer ISKO, part of Turkish holding SANKO Group, has opened a new distribution center near Istanbul, looking to accelerate delivery to its clients across 30 countries. The space, which is 40 meters high, 80 meters long and 45 meters wide, can store up to 128,000 rolls of fabric, each roll holding up between 5 and 500 meters of material.

“The reason for opening a new state-of-the art distribution center was to get even closer to the market, especially today with ecommerce wanting to reduce their lead time”, ISKO’s Global Marketing Director, Rosey Cortazzi, explained to FashionUnited during a staff and press visit to the new facilities.

The distribution center operates 24 hours a day, as does the company’s nearby factory. Active since 1989, the factory has 2000 automated looms with over 300 million meters of fabric production capacity, employing 2,600 people.

At the new distribution center, however, there is not a single worker in sight. Seven automated robots are responsible for processing every single order and making sure each roll is transferred to the designated truck.

According to ISKO’s Product Development and R&D Head, Tuncay Kilickan, the choice to make the operations manless offers several advantages: without humans, oxygen levels inside the distribution center can be lowered from 21 percent to 16,4 percent to prevent oxidation and fires. It also reduces the risk of accidents to zero. “No humans, no accidents”, said Kilickan.

Photos: ISKO’s headquarters and manufacturing plant, courtesy of ISKO