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Jaded London item found to have Shein label according to TikTok user

By Rachel Douglass


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Shein pop-up store bags. Credits: Shein

A shopper on TikTok was left in disbelief after finding a label by controversial fast fashion platform Shein that appeared to have been sewn into her garment from Jaded London.

In a video posted to the social media platform, Emma Silverman showed the lining of the supposed Jaded London top, in which both a tag from the brand and a tag from Shein had been attached inside.

Silverman suggested that she could have purchased the 83 dollar top as a cheaper dupe on the Shein platform, but instead opted to buy from Jaded London despite the high demand.

Speaking in the video, she said: “I bought this top from the damn website. I was waiting and waiting, it was out of stock, and I was like yes it’s in stock, my size. I could have bought it on Shein for probably like 10 dollars. This is so annoying.”

While the video sent TikTok users into a spiral of speculation, Jaded London took to the platform to address the situation.

In comments responding to Silverman's video, the brand said: “We are in contact with Emma and it is being dealt with. Again, we have zero idea how it could possibly java that tag – Shein is not a manufacturer, it is a shop face and we have no association with it.”

It added: “All ‘similar’ designs featured on Shein and sites alike are copies of our existing designs, not the other way around. We are looking into how this has possibly happened as we speak.”

FashionUnited has contacted Jaded London directly for comment.

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