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Jeanologia presents new denim collection “100% Made in Bangladesh“

By Simone Preuss


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Spanish finishing specialist for sustainable clothing, Jeanologia, wants to turn “Made in Bangladesh“ into a quality seal. At the Bangladesh Denim Expo, which is taking place today and tomorrow in Dhaka, the leader in sustainable technology will present a collection that is made in Bangladesh, 100 percent.

For the first time, Jeanologia managed to get all agents involved in the Bangladeshi textile industry - from fabric manufacturers to end product makers and buyers - to take part in its mission to create an ethical, eco-efficient and sustainable industry. The new collection was developed in Bangladesh, with fabrics woven in the country and with the support of sustainable technology from Jeanologia.

“The objective is to get all agents involved in the Bangladeshi textile industry to create a product with better finishes being able to rely on Jeanologia as technology partner,” said Asia division director Jordi Juani. “Using our technology in the production processes, we have managed to be more competitive and speed up time to market, offering a modern sustainable product. Not only does our technology increase productivity and energy efficiency, it also reduces water consumption and eliminates harmful emissions and residues.”

Titeled „Collaborative Design in the Denim Industry“, Juani will give a talk tomorrow, 9th November, at 3pm about the importance of working together, from the conception of the idea through its transformation to the sale of the product, achieving common goals like the industry becoming more respectful of the environment.

Jeanologia has been present in Bangladesh for over 15 years, supporting the textile industry in its objective of becoming one of the biggest world textile centers. Bangladesh is currently the second producer at an international level, after China.

From the beginning, Jeanologia´s intention has been to increase the production capabilities of producers in Bangladesh, especially in the denim sector, providing advisory services and cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and end finishes.The Spanish company has been involved in increasing sustainability in denim production since 1993, maintaining respect to workers' health and the environment as a guiding influence.

Photos: Jeanologia
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