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Karl Lagerfeld to commence luxury architecture project

By Rachel Douglass

Nov 22, 2021


Image: Karl Lagerfeld

Labelled Karl Lagerfeld Villas, the Parisian label’s new project will oversee the construction of five luxury villas in Marbella, Spain.

Together with Spanish developer Sierra Blanca Estates, the villa project ties in with the late designer’s interest in interior design and architecture, with the fashion house supervising creative direction, branding and design. The look and feel of each unit aims to remain coherent with the Karl Lagerfeld design language, incorporating the landscape and beauty of the area into the villas’ features.

The villas are designed with sustainability in mind, offering low carbon emissions and utilising highly insulating materials for the majority of the construction. Green roofing and patios further emphasise the eco-friendly nature of the buildings, while solar panels, rainwater recovery tanks and geothermal energy sources will be present to enable clean, circular consumption. The project has also stated it will plant over 300 trees to continue its contribution to biodiversity in the area.

The Karl Lagerfeld brand will develop iconic pieces and furniture options that will be offered to the clients, with an additional opportunity for a full brand customisation.

“We’re thrilled to see Karl’s vision of effortless luxury and passion for architecture come into fruition with this unprecedented residential project,” said Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of the Parisian-design house, in a release. “These villas not only mark the exciting expansion into the world of residential projects of Karl Lagerfeld, but they embody the high standard of sustainability that our brand is aiming for.”