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Kohl's to donate 2 million dollars to non-profit

By Rosalie Wessel

Oct 7, 2021


Image: Kohl's media gallery

Kohl’s has partnered with national nonprofit organisation the National Alliance on Mental Illness as part of their commitment to health, wellness and mental health.

Over a period of two years, Kohl’s will donate a total of 2 million dollars to the organisation. The donation will be made through the company’s philanthropic program Kohl’s Cares. 100 percent of the net profit from sales at Kohl’s Cares goes to health and wellness organisations around the country. NAMI plans to use the grant to update its support group model, and then roll out those support groups to a larger number of people.

The program will also include new trauma informed, cross cultural training and materials in order to help those affected by the Covid-19 crisis and economic uncertainty. The support model is available for different needs - those who have mental illnesses, and those who care for them. NAMI Family Support Groups are also open to families and the friends of the individuals who are affected by mental illness.

“We’re confident that our new partnership with NAMI will make a positive impact in the lives of countless families across the country who are affected by mental illness,” said Kohl’s chief marketing officer Greg Revelle in a press release. “We see this relationship as a natural extension of our long-standing commitment to healthy families”.

With more than 1,100 stores in forty-nine states, Kohl’s has a large presence in the US. Its commitment to mental health is well documented. In 2020, Kohl’s partnered with Alliance for a Healthier Generation with another 2 million dollar grant. Healthier Generation’s subsequent investment into its innovatie family health and wellness initiative reached more than 12,000 schools. Kohl’s own initiative, Healthy at Home, reached around 3.4 million families around the country.

Through the partnership with NAMI, Kohl’s has also joined the StigmaFree Company initiative, which identifies and assists companies who encourage openness, acceptance and understanding of mental health within their work environment. Organisations which take part are eligible to receive resources, expertise and assets to help companies provide education and awareness in mental health for employees.