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Lanvin Group maintains growth momentum in 2023

By Prachi Singh


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Lanvin flagship in New York Credits: Lanvin

Lanvin Group full year revenue of 426 million euros, increased 1 percent; and gross profit was 251 million euros, representing a 59 percent gross margin, a 250 bps increase versus 2022.

Commenting on the full year trading, Zhen Huang, chairman of Lanvin Group, said: "In reviewing our 2023, I thought back to the resiliency we showed during the pandemic, posting growth every year, and I see the same resilience and our ability to thrive in any environment, this past year."

Lanvin Group reports growth across regions

The company said in a release that all brands showed resiliency and maintained steady revenue in EMEA and North America highlighted by nearly 8 percent growth in APAC. Ecommerce posted 3 percent growth, while overall DTC and wholesale channels stayed flat.

The group closed 36 stores while opening 24 new retail doors. Lanvin expanded presence to five new locations and its first in the Middle East in Riyadh.

"I am thoroughly impressed by the efforts of our managers and our teams to maintain growth and continue to forge the path to profitability in a challenging market environment," added Eric Chan, CEO of Lanvin Group.

Lanvin Group’s results across brand segments

Lanvin brand revenue decreased 7 percent for the full year with revenue of 112 million euros. Gross profit increased to 65 million euros, at a margin of 58 percent. Contribution profit improved to a loss of 12 million euros in 2023 with the percentage of sales improving to negative 11 percent.

Wolford revenue grew by 1 percent, while gross profit decreased to 83 million euros and margin declined to 66 percent. Contribution profit remained steady at 4 million euros at a margin of 3 percent.

Sergio Rossi revenue was down by 4 percent to 60 million euros, gross profit margin increased to 51 percent and contribution profit margin improved to 12 percent.

St. John revenue increased by 5 percent to 90 million euros, gross profit grew to 57 million euros; with margin increasing to 63 percent. Contribution profit also increased to 11 million euros and; margin remained steady at 12 percent.

Caruso increased by 30 percent to 40 million euros in 2023. Its gross profit increased to 11 million euros and margin increased to 28 percent. Contribution profit also increased to 9 million euros, and contribution profit margin increased to 24 percent.

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