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Lululemon supports its community in time of COVID-19

By Dale Arden Chong

Mar 31, 2020


Activewear and lifestyle brand Lululemon has announced its commitment to its community—which includes consumers, staff, and ambassadors—through the time of the coronavirus. In response to many requests, Lululemon has launched its community—much of which gathers at its retail locations—online with a series of virtual workout classes, meditations, and mindfulness practices on global website.

Cultivating a community has been the heart of the Lululemon brand in addition to high-quality activewear. Now, while its customers may not be able to gather in person, they have the option to come together online.

According to an announcement from the brand, Lululemon—which closed its stores in North America and Europe in hopes of slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus—will be continuing to pay its employees for all the hours they’ve been scheduled to work in addition to providing access to the brand’s Global Pay Relief plan. The Global Pay Relief plan will provide 14 days of salary protection to anyone who affected by COVID-19, whether it be from direct contact, a need to self-quarantine, or other ways their lives have been disrupted.

In addition to these plans, Lululemon’s chief executive officer Calvin McDonald announced that the company will provide a relief fund for its ambassadors, as well. This fund will assist Lululemon ambassadors with basic operating costs and support them through this uncertain time.

“Today, @lululemon announces a $2M Ambassador Relief Fund to assist our ambassador studio owners who have been financially impacted during this time,” McDonald shared to Twitter on March 24. “The fund provides basic operating cost coverage to sweat businesses that have been affected by COVID-19.”

Lululemon stores will continue to remain closed until April 5. Until then, its community lives on and flourishes online at its website and on social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Image: Lululemon