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Mango establishes new sustainability strategy with stricter measures

By Rachel Douglass


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Photo Credits: New Mango shop at 1036 Lincoln Road, Miami.

Spanish retailer Mango has announced its ‘Sustainable Vision 2030’, a refreshed strategy centred around new performance indicators that look to fall in line with stricter market standards.

The plan comes with a new sustainability road map for the brand, based on three key pillars; committed to product, committed to planet and committed to people.

In a release, Mango said that through the new strategy it is looking to focus its efforts on producing a more sustainable collection that incorporates circular design criteria, while prioritising materials that come with a lower environmental impact.

By 2030, the brand is aiming for these features to be predominant in the design of its products, with all of its fibres to also be of sustainable origin or recycled.

An additional element to this new initiative will see the replacement of Mango’s ‘Committed’ labels with a new QR code that redirects customers to a website where they can access information on the production of a product.

Mango added that it would further be maintaining its goal to be climate neutral by 2050, next to additional emission reduction targets and the implementation of goals to reduce water and plastic consumption alongside biodiversity initiatives.

One of its highlights was that by the end of 2022, the retailer was planning to become the first major Spanish company to publish a list of its Tier 3 factories in order to promote transparency and worker welfare.

In its press release, Mango’s CEO, Toni Ruis, noted that “the new sustainability strategy is not merely a goal to be fulfilled, but a cross-departmental core value of our company strategy and business model that influences our decision making and the promotion of projects and actions, so that we can carry out our activities with the lowest environmental and social impact possible”.

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