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Nordstrom expands brand partner advertising opportunities

By Rachel Douglass

Mar 3, 2022


Image: Nordstrom, Make it Bazaar

Multi-brand retailer Nordstrom has expanded its brand partner advertising opportunities through the Nordstrom Media Network, as part of its Closer to You strategy, which aims to bring customers a more personalised experience.

New opportunities available to partners will allow for more choice and visibility of products, ultimately reaching the Nordstrom customer base more conveniently.

The Nordstrom Media Network, the retailer's advertising programme, enables brands to advertise via the Nordstrom digital platform through sponsored product ads, brand pages and social media ads.

According to Nordstrom, the initiative generated 40 million dollars in ad revenue in 2021, exceeding initial expectations.

The media network launched as part of the retailer’s aim of providing customers with more relevant products across its platforms, including in-store engagement.