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Oh Polly launches online clothing bank with The Salvation Army

By Rosalie Wessel



Image: Oh Polly

Oh Polly has launched an online clothing bank in a partnership with The Salvation Army. The initiative will be supported by returns company ReBOUND. The scheme is a saving grace for the Covid-19-affected charity, as it is launching at the time of year when most shoppers are looking to clear out their wardrobes.

The website encourages UK customers to donate their old clothes in order to receive a discount at Oh Polly. The choice was made in reaction to the need for sustainable measures as well as the impact of Covid-19 on charities. The Salvation Army has prevented over 235,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from being released in the atmosphere each year, through its reuse and recycle scheme. It also has raised over 76 million pounds over 10 years through its donation schemes, in turn supporting projects combating homelessness, modern slavery and poverty.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on many sectors but particularly charities, with 28 percent of people cutting their donations to charity,” the Oh Polly website reads. “By launching this initiative, we’re aiming to make a change and support this important charity.”

This scheme combats the ‘throwaway fashion’ crisis which sees more than 300,000 tons of clothing in landfills each year. With circular fashion becoming more popular, and an increasingly attractive option for sustainable fashion, Oh Polly’s decision is a part of its ongoing sustainability project. Its environmental manifesto promises to reduce its energy consumption, carbon footprint and overall waste.

“We’re extremely grateful for the continued support from members of the public who can now donate their pre-loved items through ReBOUND,” said Salvation Army head of corporate partnerships Kirk Bradly. “The temporary closure of our shops due to the lockdowns has meant millions of pounds in lost revenues and potential funds”.

The brand has already taken other steps which fall in line with its sustainable goals. All of the Oh Polly mailing bags, boxes and garment bags are fully recyclable or biodegradable, and 12 percent of their stock is sent by boat in order to reduce their carbon emissions.

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