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Recycle Router tool launches in UK to inform public on recycling

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Provenance

Three UK companies have come together to launch the Recycle Router tool to aid in informing the public on how, where and what to recycle.

Software solutions company Provenance partnered with the sustainable consultant, Valpak, and Wrap, a British recycling charity, to develop the platform made to demonstrate how to recycle specific types of packaging in local areas. The tool can inform users on whether they can recycle certain packaging via kerbside collection in their postcode or the nearest location that allows them to process packaging materials.

The tool was developed as a method to help increase the UK’s position in recycling rates, for which it currently sits in 12th place in Europe according to the European Environment Agency.

Its goal is to dismantle the confusion around recycling, providing easy-to-follow information to avoid waste heading to landfills.

It also addresses the growing eco-conscious concerns of consumers. The possibility of location-specific recycling instructions enables brands that choose to utilise the Recycle Router to help their customers make more informed decisions regarding discarded packaging.

“Brands making genuine and significant investments in positive social and environmental impact, including sustainable packaging, are unable to cut through the noise of unfounded and inconsistent impact claims,” said CEO and founder of Provenance, Jessi Baker, in a release. “Recycle Router allows brands to differentiate themselves at the point of purchase by claiming credit for genuine recyclability while empowering shoppers with clear, localised guidance on packaging disposal options.”

The platform is currently being rolled out for the current brand and retail customers of Provenance, with the intention of expanding the full solution to broader industry customers in 2022.

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