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Textile sorting provider Eslando among Carbon13’s launchpad investments

By Rachel Douglass


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Eslando logo. Credits: Eslando.

Investment firm Carbon13 has named six ventures that it will invest in via its accelerator, the Venture Launchpad, including AI-powered textile sorting provider, Eslando.

The startup, which aims to tackle textile waste in the industry, offers a solution that utilises AI and digital product passports (DPPs) to encourage brands and waste management companies to efficiently recover materials at scale.

Among the six, it is the only venture addressing the fashion industry, with others targeted towards food waste, animal feed, compostable foam and climate control systems.

Recipients each receive an investment of 120,000 pounds, with those selected having been able to demonstrate a potential to reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes per year when at scale, Carbon13’s threshold for investing.

In a release, CEO and co-founder of the firm, Nicky Dee, said: “All our ventures contribute to net zero, but tracking emissions tells just part of the story.

“We can see other key benefits such as health from improving air quality and avoiding ecotoxicity and microplastics when discarded. Other companies will prompt new economic pathways as they disrupt the “normal” way of doing things.”

Founders of Eslando, Karishma Gupta and Andrew Ho, said in a joint statement: “Carbon13’s investment is a game-changer for Eslando. We’re empowering brands to embrace circularity, recyclers to access high quality feedstock, and unlock the true potential of sustainable fashion.”

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