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The North Face reveals first names of Explore Fund Council

By Rachel Douglass

Oct 8, 2021


Image: The North Face

Outerwear giant The North Face has unveiled the first names of its EMEA Explore Fund Council, set up to promote more equality, diversity and inclusion in outdoor sports.

Announced last year, the Explore Fund Council secured a seven million dollar fund, with the goal of ultimately improving access to outdoor adventure and nature. The global expert team spans a range of fields, including sports, culture and entertainment, and will be tasked with the mission of developing scalable solutions to achieve the council’s overall goals.

Chosen leaders will advise on the allocation of the funds through various nonprofits in the UK, France and Germany, bringing together their knowledge and influence to aid in the decision making process.

The committee includes snowboarder, David Djite, founder of the Centre for Intersectional Justice in Berlin, Emilia Zenzile Riog, journalist, Laurianne Melierre, British climbing champion, Molly Thompson-Smith, racial equality and climate activity, Dr. Mya-Rose Craig, media personality, Phil Young and human rights attorney, Stephanie Case.

Image: The North Face, The Explore Fund Council

“It is undisputed that there are advantages for us humans to spend time outdoors, be it on easy hikes in nature or on extreme sports adventures,” said Amanda Calder-McLaren, brand and communications director at The North Face EMEA, in a statement. “Everyone has the right to feel the power and advantages of nature and to feel welcome.

“We as a brand are committed to making sure that any barriers are recognised and overcome. The work of our experienced committee will help to ensure this claim.”

The panel will be working towards a variety of objectives over the course of its operation, including the development of pilot initiatives with selected nonprofits, promoting the important of inclusive exploration in ethnically diverse communities. It will also support in public discussions and the creation of shareable recommendations based around culturally relevant adventure.