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Ted Baker to sponsor gender equality initiative Keychange

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Ted Baker x Keychange, Clara Amfo and Jamz Supernova

Lifestyle brand Ted Baker has announced it will be partnering with Keychange, a music-led organisation, as part of its ongoing Street Party Sessions Campaign.

The retailer is set to become a sponsor of Keychange’s Talent Development programme, developed to support women and gender minority artists and innovators who are enrolled in the initiative throughout the UK, Europe and Canada.

The collaboration will see the brand offer its store spaces for live performances, further allowing emerging artists to share their stories with new, global audiences.

For the launch of the partnership, south London DJ and BBC Radio 6 host Jamz Supernova hosted a show at the retailer’s Regent Street store, as the initiative’s first participant.

Furthermore, Ted Baker has signed Keychange’s pledge, stating its commitment to offer better gender representation across its Street Party Sessions production.

Since the launch of its music-centred campaign, in September, the retailer has been the host of a number of special events and projects. The campaign, formed in collaboration with Eleven Studio, centres around a series of digital-first performances by British musicians, including Bastille and Jungle.

It recently translated the campaign into the Nintendo game Animal Crossing, bringing to life the live events into a virtual world. Additionally, the retailer released a 20 piece digital collection through the popular game, ready for users to dress their avatars in.

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