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Anna Sui and Rosie Assoulin prove bold colors and patterns are for fall/winter

By Kristopher Fraser


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Sometimes it is safe to stick to what you know. This approach has always served Anna Sui well as she's designed her collections with two signature approaches in mind: bold, brightly colored patterns and eclectic mixed fabrics. However, people often get caught up in Sui's vibrant colors and diverse pattern choices, and often forget about her technical ability as a designer.

Sui has the ability to do everything from brocade vests to jacquard. Although most designers tend to go more minimalist for fall/winter, Sui has always been a maximalist when it comes to colors, patterns and details. Her show, which was opened by It girls Gigi and Bella Hadid, set the tone for a collection that was inspired by old school cool and an era of liberation.

Gigi opened the show in a rouge multi scattered flowers metallic brocade vest and rouge multi paisley blooms metallic dress. Bella followed her in a rouge multi gradient floral jacquard coat, rouge multi flowers from a fan lace and jacquard dress and a pair of rogue multi festive sequin pants.

No matter what season it is, life is supposed to be a celebration. Our approach to color and patterns shouldn't be dictated by a time of the year, we are all individuals.

Individualism and fearless colors were also a big theme at Rosie Assoulin's presentation. Assoulin has long been known for her floor length skirts and dresses, as well as her love for color, and this season was no different.

Assoulin also took an eclectic approach to things. In contrast to many of her contemporaries who build a collection off of one cohesive theme, she lets her creativity run free to provide something for every woman. Assoulin's collections are chaos in color in the best way possible. It was only fitting that her presentation featured a candy and dessert buffet, as her collection was truly candyland.

The fabrics included cotton poplin, satin silk, wool, velvets and corduroy are versatile and wearable through various occasions and seasons. The prints were inspired by marble patterns and marbling techniques from various countries. The color palette included bright orange, turquoise, red, navy blue, hot pink and yellow.

Assoulin took us around the world with this collection. Both her and Sui proved the versatility of today's fashion woman. No longer do we have women who are strictly formal or casual, and gone are the days when people are afraid to approach color. Fashion is in brighter days, so why not have a little fun.

photos: courtesy of KCD Worldwide
Anna Sui
New York FashionWeek
Rosie Assoulin