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Coming up - Spanish weddings: A big reason for a bigger celebration

By FashionUnited


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Whether domestic or for the couples flying in from other destinations, Spain has become a coveted choice of destination to tie the knot. While natives continue to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event with much fanfare, following some unique customs and traditions true to Spanish weddings, international couples flock to the country because of the beautiful locales it offers.

Globally, this tourist destination moves 11.2 billion dollars (10 billion euros) in destination weddings and 8.9 billion dollars (8 billion euros) in spending by wedding attendees in lodging, according to the IESE study 'Millennial Brides: Born in the 1980s, Getting Married Today', published recently. The study further says that in 2016 Barcelona will generate 60.1 million dollars or 53.6 million euros in bridal tourism.

Spain is also the second largest producer of wedding gowns and one of the largest exporter of wedding wear to countries like Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, UK, China, Czech Republic, Ireland and now Latin America and Asia.

The third part of the FashionUnited’s series on weddings across major parts of the world focuses on Spain…The article will be published on Friday June 3. Read it on FashionUnited.uk, FashionUnited.com, FashionUnited.in , FashionUnited.nz, FashionUnited.ca, au.fashionunited.com or subscribe to our newsletter to get notified/receive it in your inbox.

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