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COS debuts at New York Fashion Week with see-now-buy-now show

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: COS SS23, Catwalkpictures

H&M’s COS is on a mission to establish itself further within the realm of established fashion brands. The brand, which launched in 2007, has grown to over 30 markets worldwide. They have become known for their higher-end quality compared to their parent company H&M’s approach to fast fashion.

What better way to solidify your place as a fashion brand than on the fashion month calendar? The brand also chose to show at New York Fashion Week, with North America being of COS’s stronger markets.

At New York Fashion Week, COS showed for the first time with a see-now-buy-now collection. Despite their bid for the Fashion Week crowd, COS didn’t stray far from its brand ethos. The brand showcased wool-blend capes, double-breasted suiting, classic sheath dresses, and jersey dresses.

With Fashion Month often a prime opportunity for brands to one-up each other on flashiness and creativity, COS understands their customer is looking for elevated basics and are more interested in quality over flashy quantity. Showing in New York meant they did keep the New York woman in mind across all dimensions, from not only fashion, but the worlds of music and art as well.

Image: COS SS23, Catwalkpictures

An oversized cashmere sweater could easily fit the wardrobe of a gallery owner or a fashion executive on a cold New York day. The corduroy trench coat was one of the most universal pieces as we head into fall/winter.

As a parent company, H&M is also continuing its quest to become more sustainable. A sequin embellished skirt was made from recycled materials. There were also more luxe materials with a longer shelf-life used, including mohair and leather.

COS was part of the European invasion, which also saw Fendi and Marni on this season’s New York Fashion Week calendar. Collectively, these brands were a reminder of the globalization of the fashion industry, and how no brand is truly an island. If you want international growth, make your presence known in the cities everyone is watching. New York is one of them.

Image: COS SS23, Catwalkpictures
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