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Fall 2021 menswear trend: yellow

By Robyn Turk

Mar. 4, 2021

Menswear is embracing more saturated colors for Fall 2021. Designers are moving away from the traditional cold-weather palettes of neutrals and earth tones to embrace the bold looks of red and yellow.

In Balenciaga’s collection, yellow was utilized throughout loungewear pieces such as t-shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts, while Fendi brought the hue to elevated daywear pieces such as trousers, shirts and jackets. A-Cold-Wall and Etro each used yellow generously, across shirts, sweaters, loungewear and accessories. Prada, Balenciaga and Undercover each designed a yellow coat and Dior created several jackets and sweaters in a bright lemon yellow.

Dior, A-Cold-Wall, Fall 2021

While warm colors are nothing new to men’s clothing, the saturated tones we are seeing in upcoming collections demonstrate a move to more statement-making palettes. Current retail lineups embrace muted iterations of warm colors - burgundy, burnt orange, pale yellow. Next season seems to be taking a turn to colors that catch the eye.

The yellow styles to look out for in Fall 2021

We are expecting to see bright colorways in menswear as we approach Fall 2021. Keep an eye out for saturated yellow, as well as red and blue tones, across solids, colorblocks and bold patterns in the upcoming season.

Images: Pexels, Dior and A-Cold-Wall (Fall 2021) Catwalk Images