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Fall/Winter 2022: Sustainable color trends

By Trendstop

Jun. 4, 2021


Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers Sustainable Colour, a key seasonal development that will be influential for Fall Winter 2022 and beyond. As the fashion industry works towards becoming more sustainable, one area that needs to be addressed is colour and designers, brands and retailers around the world are increasingly looking to natural, non-toxic dyes and colouring methods to create their products. With consumer interest focused on environmental considerations and a greater desire to reconnect with nature the colour palette is becoming softer and less saturated, inspired by a revival of traditional techniques using eco-friendly vegetable and botanical sources.

Washed Eco Pastels

Pastel tones move away from the overly sweet, synthetic shades of previous seasons, taking on more muted, nature-inspired hues. Delicate fern greens, pinks imbued with earthy undertones and cooling, yellow-based creams appear washed-back and faded, applied to gently tactile materials that further soften the colour palette.

Soft Chestnut

A sophisticated addition to the autumnal palette, Soft Chestnut works well for both women’s and menswear. Cooler undertones offer a more refined take on classic browns whilst still looking natural and with less saturation. Textural materials and soft handle fabrications prevent the colour from looking flat and create subtle surface interest.

Dawn Frost

Fresh green tones are not just for spring as designers increasingly introduce ideas of transeasonality into their fashion palettes. Crisp, pale shades are underscored with a cooler tint, reminiscent of foliage on a frosty morning. They offer a fashion-forward, elevated alternative to neutral tones and classic light shades such as white.

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