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Frank and Oak announces new 2022 sustainability targets

By Huw Hughes



Montreal-based fashion and lifestyle brand Frank And Oak has announced new 2022 sustainability goals which include offsetting greenhouse gasses and eliminating virgin plastics and polyesters.

The brand, which received B-Corp certification in September, said it hopes to reduce its impact on the planet by putting an emphasis on utilizing recycled materials and harnessing renewable energy sources and carbon offsets.

By 2022, the brand aims to cut all virgin plastic in its supply chain - it already uses 100 percent compostable, plant-based bags for shipping - and eliminate virgin plastics, instead only using recycled polyester fibres to make shell fabrics, labels, and trims.

The company also aims to offset 100 percent of its greenhouse gas (GHG) scope 1 emissions and have its headquarters, warehouse and retail stores run on 100 percent renewable energy, while new facilities will be installed with green energy sources, water meters, and waste management systems.

Additionally, the brand will encourage a 'zero-waste philosophy' - continuing to work with local partners to use furniture that is either second-hand or sustainably made in all its stores and its headquarters. The brand will also provide employees with training, zero-waste challenge initiatives, and reusable materials.

Commenting on the new initiatives in a statement, Frank And Oak's CEO and co-founder Ethan Song, said: "The climate crisis is an issue that is deeply important to us at Frank And Oak. Over the last few years, we have been able to be nimble and agile to adapt our business practices to better serve our planet, and as well, our customers.

"Though we have made significant strides, we recognize that there is still so much we need to do as the climate crisis continues to worsen. This is why we have set such ambitious goals, to remain accountable to ourselves, our customers and our communities."

Photo credit: Frank and Oak, Facebook

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