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G-Star RAW Head of Design on the new Citishield 3D Slim Tapered Jeans

By Aileen Yu



On Thursday, August 8, G-Star celebrated its latest innovation in denim design with the launch of Citishield Jeans at the W Hotel in Amsterdam. Designed exclusively for men with a metropolitan lifestyle, the launch of the new Citishield 3D Slim Tapered Jeans shows that G-Star continues to push the limits of 3D denim innovation.

Established in 1989, G-Star RAW’s “Just the Product” philosophy focuses on the quality and progress which cemented the brand as a leader in the denim industry. As the future of the clothing industry becomes more reliant on sustainable solutions, G-Star RAW strives to lead by example. At the launch, FashionUnited interviewed G-Star’s Head of Design, Edwin de Rooij, on how innovation and sustainability are at the core of the brand’s DNA.

Tell us about G-Star’s new Citishield Jeans, how do they enhance a modern urban man’s lifestyle?

There are four key elements in the design of the Citishield Jeans which allows you to move easily and comfortably through the city. One of these elements is the improved, PFC-free, high-performance and sustainable water-repellent finish that protects the jeans against wind and harsh weather. Next, we’ve also designed an integrated anti-theft pocket hidden into the jeans where you’re able to easily access the side pockets with zippers and store your valuables safely. Lastly, the 3D effect which is a trademark in all G-Star denim provides adjustable cuffs at the legs to ensure maximum comfort and durability while commuting or biking.

What was the inspiration when designing the Citishield 3D Slim Tapered Jeans?

We usually find inspiration in continuously investigating elements of existing designs for new perspectives creating combinations that are yet unseen. With the development of a new collection, together with marketing, we first come up with a product story. In the case of Citishield, we wanted to create jeans tailored for urban living that would shield the wearer from factors ranging from unpredictable weather to theft.

Then, we’d go back to the G-Star archive where we have four pillars at the brand’s core that we always draw from-which are denim, utility, tailoring and old school sportswear. Combining elements of different vintage pieces naturally along with the brand’s trademark 3D effect, RAW denim and innovation, in essence, is the embodiment of the G-Star DNA.

What are your responsibilities as the Head of Design?

In this position, I’m responsible for the design of all apparel (menswear, womenswear and childrenswear) accessories and footwear collections at G-Star RAW.

Did you study fashion design and how did you become the Head of Design at G-Star RAW?

After graduating from the fashion design department at Artez Institute of the Arts in Arnhem in the Netherlands, I launched my own brand together with Jeroen van Tuyl. Since then, for over 20 years, I’ve worked in design management for Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, McGregor, Cast Iron and PME Legend.

How do you approach your work as a designer in commercial fashion?

I try to specialize in creating and developing a strong brand DNA and subsequently unique designs with a consumer-centric mindset in the midst of a rapidly changing landscape. Fundamentally my designs have a focus on innovation and attention for detail.

Any advice you’d like to share with people who are just breaking into the fashion industry?

It’s important to be really focused, find out what you’re good at and specialize in that one thing that sets you apart from the rest.

Photos: courtesy of G-Star RAW, courtesy of Edwin de Rooij

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