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Giorgio Armani to unveil "Le Sac 11"


Giorgio Armani to unveil "Le Sac 11"

By Kristopher Fraser

Feb. 17, 2015

While NYFW rolls along, and designers are showcasing their new collections, elsewhere designers are preparing for the rest of fashion month, including Paris and Milan Fashion Week. One such designer who is already putting the fashion industry on the edge of their seats is Giorgio Armani. Armani announced yesterday morning, February 16th, 2015 that he would be unveiling a new bag in Paris and Milan at their respective fashion weeks.

With the accessories market being such a big focus for designers, as the likes of designers like Monique Lhuillier can prove, having just showcased bags and shoes for the first time at NYFW, Armani couldn’t have selected a more perfect time to unveil a new bag to the masses. The man is a household name, and emblazoning that Armani logo on anything is sure to bring excellent sales to the design house.

The bag will be called Le Sac 11, with 11 being the day of Armani’s birth as well as the number of the company’s headquarters in Milan. The bag will be available in three sizes, including small, medium, and large, and will also be available in several luxurious materials, including crocodile, tanned leather, and calfskin. While NYFW is still rolling along with a series of glamorous gowns, Armani has already given us cause to count down the days to Milan Fashion Week.

The stylish, and soon-to-be most wanted bag, will be available in limited editions for each store, and that includes the Giorgio Armani Madison Avenue boutique, respectfully. While the price point for the bag has not been revealed anything made from crocodile or calf leather tends to go for a pretty penny. This is sure to be the investment piece of the year, and who has ever gone wrong with Armani?