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Graduate Fashion Week 2024: Tomorrow’s fashion visionaries celebrated in gala finale

By Amber Chow


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‘Best of GFW24’ Gold Winner Alice Daggett with her designs. Credits: GFW.

Graduate Fashion Week is the host of the world’s largest showcase of BA fashion talent and this year it took place from June 10 to 13 at the heart of London’s creative scene at The Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.

Now in its 33rd year, Graduate Fashion Week continues to bridge the gap between graduation and employment by highlighting the talent of tomorrow. Supported by numerous global brands and companies dedicated to nurturing emerging designers and creatives, the event is organised by the non-profit Graduate Fashion Foundation.

This 2024 showcase featured collections from fashion and design graduates from over 50 universities in the UK and abroad, ending in the ‘Best of GFW24’ catwalk on Thursday evening. Six award winners were highlighted, with the top three receiving Gold, Silver, and Bronze runway awards judged by industry professionals and ambassadors, covering disciplines such as textile design. The winners were judged on creative impact, use of colour and fabric, and craftsmanship.

‘Best of GFW24’ Bronze Winner Elizaveta Lykova with her designs. Credits: GFW.

The event commenced with the catwalk winners' collections making their way down the brightly lit runway, accompanied by a lively pop and disco soundtrack featuring artists like Dua Lipa and an 80s disco mix, setting the tone for a fun celebration of young emerging talent. The room was packed with supportive friends and family, while industry professionals filled the front row.

Top three 'Best of GFW24' winners named

Later in the evening, the moment to find out who won the ‘Best of GFW24’ prizes finally came around. Elizaveta Lykova from Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts took home the Bronze prize for her collection heavily influenced by Eastern European culture, including knits over shirted fabric, and even a silver headdress.

Patrik Platko from Coventry University took home the Silver prize. Describing his collection, the young designer said: “My main focus was to celebrate uniforms and workers in uniforms, I found that area of fashion really intriguing with rich potential and inspiration. I approached this by re-imaging classical uniform silhouettes, and almost the whole collection is made from existing garments and accessories which were repurposed. I couldn’t be happier to win the Silver Award, I didn’t even think I would make the top 25.”

‘Best of GFW24’ Silver Winner Patrik Platko. Credits: GFW.

The Gold prize, meanwhile, was won by Alice Daggett from Winchester School of Art, who told FashionUnited: “I’m pretty much overwhelmed and so eternally grateful for all those who have supported me, all my fellow students, tutors, everyone at WSA, all my friends and family who have pushed me to get to where I am with my degree.” In the foreseeable future, Alice hopes to work on her own brand, and gain greater public exposure.

Amid cheers from the crowd, with friends and family celebrating the top three winners, the evening showcased the incredible emerging talent of tomorrow and filled us with hope for the future of fashion.

Alice Daggett receiving the Gold Award. Credits: GFW.

All the winners from this year’s talent include:

  • Accessories Award: Dario Mel Oceane, Instituto Europeo Di Design
  • Accessories Award by YKK: Stephanie Daley, Nottingham Trent University
  • Childrenswear Award: Jasmin Honeyball, The University of Lancashire
  • Considered Fashion Award: Sasandi De Silva, Academy of Design Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Creative Pattern Cutting Award: Abbie-Louise Inwood, Northumbria University
  • Culture Heritage Award (Design): Nova Hommand-Hagan, University of the West of England
  • Culture Heritage Award (Non-Design): Guessie O’Connor, Kingston University.
  • Dame Zandra Rhodes Fashion Textiles Award: Aiden Davey, Nottingham Trent University
  • Debenhams Award: Eleanor McMahon, Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • FACE Excellence Prize: Mahalia Ellis, Birmingham City University
  • Fashion Illustrator Award: Holly Evans, Arts University Bournemouth
  • Fashion Innovation Award: Kira Uddin, De Montfort University
  • New Business Award: Charlotte Butler, Birmingham City University
  • Portfolio Award: Azusa Fujii, Bunka Fashion College
  • The Fashion Portfolio Award: Heather Sprowson, Leeds Arts University
  • The Hillary Alexander Sustainability Trailblazer Award: Max Basala, Coventry University
  • The Next Trends Forecasting Award: Nicole Singleton, Arts University Bournemouth
  • Gymshark Sportswear and Leisurewear Award: Jaz Bhachu, Bath Spa University
  • SNAG Considered Fashion Award: Issie Wild, Nottingham Trent University

Catwalk winners:

Arts University Bournemouth

Winner: Emily Lanha

Bath Spa University

Winner: Hannah Bailey

Birmingham City University

Winner: Vanessa Amofa Baah

Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

Winner: Elizaveta Lykova

Coventry University

Winner: Patrik Platko

De Montfort University

Winner: Thea Hunter Commended: Kira Uddin

Leeds Arts University

Winner: Grace Lyon

London College of Design and Fashion, Vietnam

Winner: Mai Le Lan Y Commended: Khuat Ngoc Ha

Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

Winner: Amelia Perkins Commended: Freya Pearson

Norwich University of Arts

Winner: Lillie Westgate

Northumbria University

Winner: Olivia Eplett Commended: Taima Castor

Nottingham Trent University

Winner: Bridget Calthorp Commended: Jessica Akers

University for the Creative Arts

Winner: Jeffrey Yanchapanta Commended: Maya Rhodes

Sheffield Hallam University

Winner: Charlotte Makinson Commended: Jasmyn Lopuszansky

University of Central Lancashire

Winner: Kacie Bardwell

University of Derby

Winner: Shaojing Zhu

Winchester School of Art

Winner: Alice Daggett Commended: Ling Qi

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