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Gwyneth Paltrow partners with Lilysilk

By Rosalie Wessel

Nov. 24, 2021


Image: Lilysilk

Gwyneth Paltrow has partnered with silk brand, Lilysilk.

The announcement came from Paltrow, who posted on her story a photo of her wearing a Lilysilk pajama set captioned, “@Lilysilk you make it too easy for a girl to stay in bed all morning.”

Lilysilk, which advocates for a sustainable lifestyle and uses natural fibres in its products, has a zero waste policy. The pajamas that Paltrow was wearing are made from natural mulberry silk with Oeko-Tex technology.

“After 11 years of focusing on luxury silk products, we are glad that our brand is recognised by many influential actresses, singers, producers, and boasts a large fan base all over the world,” said David Wang, CEO of Lilysilk company. “The demand for a quality lifestyle is growing, which drives our designers to continuously push the boundaries of fashion while creating the ultimate amount of coziness.”

Other celebrities, such as Melissa Rauch and Lyndon Smith have also partnered with Lilysilk. Rauch’s collaboration with Lilysilk is focused on raising funds and awareness for child cancer research, alongside international pediatric cancer charity, Oscar’s Kids.