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Happy Isles vintage bridal boutique launches online store

By Justine Browning

May 26, 2018


The Happy Isles boutique in Los Angeles is one of the most popular vintage bridal boutiques and now its unique offerings will be available online.

Opened just over a year, Happy Isles is located on the iconic Sunset Boulevard. The appointment-only shop, run by founder Lily Kaizer aims to recreate the experience of shopping for gowns in past decades. There are even seamstresses on staff to assure that each bride-to-be’s dream dress is tailored perfectly.

The store features designs from the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Ossie Clark and Halston from decades ranging from the ‘30s to the early 2000s.

“The origin (of the shop) is first and foremost from my love of vintage and my love for quality vintage - which as the world grows older becomes rarer,” Kaizer told FashionUnited via phone. “Which means that if you’re looking for a piece of luxury vintage it can be expensive. I wanted that to feel accessible to everyone.”

Kaizer takes pride in offering customers, not just a gown, but the opportunity to own a piece of history.

“A wedding is a moment where you’re open to spending more on a piece and I wanted to capture that audience,” she says. “If a woman is prepared to shell out up to $5000 for a wedding dress, why not by a historic piece of vintage instead of a contemporary dress of less quality and way more expensive?”

Customers looking to secure a gown for their big day through a more modern approach will be able to via the web. The online inventory includes pieces for wedding party members and maternity wear. Purses and accessories (including crowns) are available as well.

A registry service is also in development - the site will also feature home goods ranging from kitchenware and decorative pieces.

Kaizer was initially resistant to taking Happy Isles online but began to realize shoppers outside of L.A were in need of the store’s unique offerings.

“I had hoped that I’d never have to sell vintage online,” she shares. “I think it takes away from the experience of discovering a piece in person. But the reality is, my clientele expands far beyond California. I wanted to be able to provide something for people who can’t get to the physical store.”

Photo: HappyIsles.com