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In pictures: Mode Suisse 19

By Simone Preuss

Mar. 2, 2021


The 19th edition of Mode Suisse took place digitally from 27th February to 2nd March 2021. While Mode Suisse 17 and 18 last year could still take place physically in a modified form, Mode Suisse 19 relied on online channels such as Instagram to present the latest Swiss fashion from eight selected Zurich labels - Amorphose, Forbidden Denimeries, Klaesi Holdener x Sol Sol Ito, Luca Xavier Tanner, Mourjjan, Nina Yuun, Nomadissem and Rafael Kouto.

Two different settings were used for the spring edition of Mode Suisse: A catwalk at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zurich to showcase the collections of the eight labels, as well as an intimate studio where the designers explained their creations to a small group of fashion experts, including Jacqueline Krause-Blouin from fashion magazine Annabelle, Claudia Desax from online fashion retailer Opia, influencer Charlotte Fischli and Michelle Nicol, curator of Zurich-based agency Neutral.

Image: Klaesi Holdener

Klaesi Holdener showed the dichotomy of women’s strength and fragility with her minimalist designs, while designer Florian Holdener teamed up with eyewear label Sol Sol Ito.

The silence caused by the recent lockdown was the inspiration for Nina Yuun’s new capsule collection “Rust and Flower” (above left), which explores quality and beauty in the smallest of things.

At Mourjjan, designer Roland Rahal focused on glamour for his “Arctic Poetry” collection of hand-embroidered pieces, creating stillness and serenity in a time of chaos.

Image: Mourjjan (left) / Nomadissem (right)

Nomadissem showed its fourth sustainable and elegant wardrobe with modular pieces inspired by mountaineering - sparked by designer Noële Nana Schaffner’s first ascent of a 4000m peak last summer.

Amorphose’s designer Giancarlo Bello drew inspiration from Hollywood icons Marion “Joe” Carstairs and Marlene Dietrich for his collection “The Princess of Whale Cay”, as well as the Caribbean flair of the 1930s.

Image: Amorphous (left) / Forbidden Denimeries (right)

Forbidden Denimeries presented its reinventions of denim through sustainable jackets and accessories as a tribute to the adapted rhythm of fashion shows and the decoding of gender stereotypes. Designer Mikael Vilchez aims to make the classic denim jacket a chic must-have through reinterpretation.

Image: Luca Xavier Tanner

It was Luca Xavier Tanner’s second time at Mode Suisse and the designer explored robust, plain-coloured materials as well as practical details that ran through the creations. The label also collaborated with KDH1932, a subsidiary of Mode Suisse’s shoe partner Kandahar.

Rafael Kouto showed his latest upcycled couture collection “between heaven and earth” (top right), named after the Italian saying “tra terra e cielo”. The collection reflects the circular nature of life, which is reflected in the label’s approach to fashion. Designer Rafael Kouto is also the creative mind behind Mode Suisse’s sixth Le Shirt - Les Archives au Goût du Jour ZSIG this year, which will be presented exclusively at Sélection Mode Suisse chez Jelmoli in Zurich on 11th March.

Parallel to Mode Suisse 19, the DACH Showroom also launched, which normally takes place during Women’s Fashion Week Paris, but will now offer year-round access to the latest collections by designers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There will also be the opportunity to physically visit the showroom in Vienna (23rd to 25th February), Berlin (2nd to 4th March) and Tokyo (23rd to 25th March).

A promotional short film for Mode Suisse 19 by Tong Watanayaem will be available on YouTube and Instagram from Tuesday, 2nd March.

Photos: Mode Suisse 19 / Alexander Palacios