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Judith Leiber issues apology for Ganesh bag

By Kristopher Fraser

Apr 18, 2021



Judith Leiber, the brand best known for their bedazzled and bejeweled clutch bags, has issued an apology for their Ganesh bag modeled in the likeness of the Hindu deity after the brand produced the bag with a leather lining. Due to cows being sacred in Hindu culture, the use of a leather lining is in violation of cultural beliefs.

“We are deeply sorry to hear that our Ganesh bag has caused offense to the Hindu community,” Lela Katsune, president of Judith Leiber Couture, said in a statement to The Economic Times. ”Now that we are aware that the leather lining in the Ganesh bag contradicts the Hindu belief system, effective immediately we will be ceasing production on this style with leather lining. Going forward, this this style will be produced with a synthetic lining.”

The bag was originally available at Harrods, but was taken off the sales floor after a social media campaign called out the brand for using a leather lining. After these issues were brought to light, Judith Leiber immediately responded by pulling the bag off the sales floor and is now working on producing the bag again, but this time with a synthetic lining.

Judith Leiber