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Linder goes sporty for resort 2020

By Kristopher Fraser

Jun 3, 2019


Resort collections continue to be of growing importance to the fashion industry, as consumers continue to demand newness from brands all of the time. Contemporary brand Linder has recognized this, and has begun putting more of an emphasis on resort collections beginning with resort 2020. The brand debuted their collection last Thursday at Pier 59 Studios in New York City, and compared to some of their more edgy, streetwear offerings in the past, their latest women's collection was more sporty and athleisure focused.

"For us it's more about keeping busy, rather than the commercial aspect of it," Linder co-founder and designer Sam Linder said to FashionUnited. "We really wanted to get another set of eyes out there and do another presentation in between February and September. We took the resort idea and ran with it with a lot of white colors and leisure activity influences and sporty touches here and there."

Linder shifts their focus to athleisure for resort 2020

He added that, "Linder is going more toward sport. The sporty aspect has been lurking underneath the whole time, and I always like a combo of sporty and sartorial because they both can be tailored. You can have looks that are very specific, but they aren't as restrictive, and they are easier to wear and comfortable, so there's the attraction."

The resort collection was a new take on country club chic. Necklines were low and precise, but carefree playing on 90s inspiration and style. Minimal slip dresses and strappy tops had a sensual resort appeal without bordering on a need to be overtly statement making. To contrast this, heaped-on biker jewelry and a variety of translucent textiles and knits gave it a younger feel so it didn't feel like your grandma's country club.

"Our aesthetic is shifting away from someone who just wants statement pieces," Linder said to FashionUnited. "It's shifting toward someone who wants versatile pieces they can use in lots of different ways and are friendly and comfortable for them. We started off as more of an art project, and we're trying to keep that sense of creativity but we're trying to think more about what someone wants out of a jacket or a pair of pants."

Linder also recognizes how much women's tastes have changed, and he's working on having the brand gravitate in that direction. "Based on what I see when I walk around, women want more stretch and they want athleisure," He said to FashionUnited. "What we're attempting here is trying to pick up on that understandable desire, but trying to do it in a way that doesn't feel like you neglected to put thought into your look. People are going to keep wanting that type of comfort from their clothes. We're trying to find a way to have a feeling of a considered wardrobe and a really easy comfortable one together."

This season, accessories brand Wilson contributed wristbands, tennis racquets, goggles, and bags, rounding out the sportswear theme with actual sports gear. Chris Habana supplied chokers, bracelets, and a knuckle duster ring set. For the second season in a row, Linder featured footwear by Mephisto as part of an ongoing partnership, with socks provided by Falke.

Photos: Courtesy of Krupp Group

Sam Linder