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Menswear colour trends Spring/Summer 2022

By Trendstop

Jul. 23, 2021


Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers a first look at the key menswear colour inspirations emerging on the Spring Summer 2022 catwalks.

The menswear seasonal palette evolves to reflect the overarching themes underscoring Spring Summer 2022. Led by the shift in consumer attitudes, colours draw on nature for inspiration with ‘of the earth’ undertones and fresh, foliage-like hues. A more genderless approach provides new opportunities to expand the classic menswear colour repertoire as consumers increasingly look to fashion as an outlet for self-expression and personal creativity.

Honest Earthy Green

Honest Earthy Green is an emerging shade that signifies shoots of optimism and fresh starts. This spring-inspired shade contains a unique sense of refined playfulness, combined with an earthy, plant-based, natural tone that reflects consumer and designer interest in reverting back to natural and low impact dyeing methods.

Genderless Reds

Genderless Reds seek to blur the gender lines often attached to colour thinking. Pink undertones introduce a more feminine aspect, softening once harsh or overly bright shades and introducing a sense of playfulness and creativity to menswear colour usage. Subtle earth-based undertones serve to ground statement shades in nature, echoing new consumer mindsets.

Vintage Sports Combos

Vintage colour combinations are reinterpreted through a modern lens and integrated into sports silhouettes. Again, traditional gender boundaries are left in the past as men explore a new sense of expression, creatively embracing their feminine side. There is a sense of freedom of expression and individuality, not just in the single shades but also in how they are styled and combined together.

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