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Neiman Marcus launches Re-Introduce Yourself campaign

By Rachel Douglass

Aug. 10, 2021


Image: Neiman Marcus

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has introduced its new autumn 2021 campaign Re-Introduce Yourself, aimed to illustrate how the brand and the world has evolved over the last year.

The campaign offers a multimedia experience across print and digital advertising, social media, in-store events and native content. New, exclusive brands are the leading force of the campaign, bringing fresh new styles to customers. Ultimately, the retailer wants to encourage buyers to open their minds to new perspectives in the constantly changing world.

“This season calls for all of us to re-introduce who we are and what we’ve learned about ourselves,” said president and chief merchandising officer Lana Todorovich, in a statement. “It’s time for Neiman Marcus to do the same, and we want our customers to not only meet us again but know that we’re in this together. We look forward to introducing them to new brands as part of our integrated luxury retail strategy and meeting them where they shop.”

Rise after the fall

The brand has seen a multitude of reinventions in the past year, including significant team restructuring, refinancing, acquisitions and high-level design partnerships following its emergence from bankruptcy over one year ago. Its new campaign hopes to show the company’s growth and transformation, re-introducing itself to customers in a fresh new light.

“Re-Introduce Yourself is an opportunity for us to convey how we’ve evolved and share our re-imagined fashion perspective and hopefulness for the future that lies ahead while inspiring our customers to stylishly and confidently follow suit,” explains Daz McColl, chief marketing officer. “It makes a new chapter in our story, evident in the way we’ve reimagined our approach to storytelling across all channels, starting with our campaign video which serves as a dramatic expression of human connection being a catalyst for change.”

Image: Neiman Marcus

Customer re-emergence

At the centre of the campaign is its upbeat campaign video and imagery, all telling dramatic visual stories with a concept based around ‘the juxtaposition of the customers’ re-emergence to work, life and nature.’ The video represents this customer journey, through expressive dancers that seem to rediscover themselves with the help of Neiman Marcus fashion advisors as they make their way into the outside world.

Digital campaign stories will be shared throughout the season on social media and the Neiman Marcus homepage, in addition to the brands own printed publication The Book which will feature a range of exclusive interviews with established designers and creatives.