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Peclers Paris: Tech gurus and urbanites to lead the way for SS24

By Rachel Douglass


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Ottolinger AW23. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

With the spring/summer 2024 buying season almost at its end, Peclers Paris wanted to offer some insight into what it believes will be dictating the upcoming period for those looking for some last minute inspiration. The trend analyst firm and two of its representatives took to the stage during the most recent edition of Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) to present the trends it had forecasted.

Colours of the season

SS24 collections of Ludovic de Saint Sernin, William Fan and Kilian Kerner. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

To start the presentation off, the team shared the top three colours that will define the season, each of which were contrasting shades alongside one another. ‘Edgy Khaki’, for example, was influenced by urban design bringing a pragmatic touch to the curation, conflicting with ‘Cherry Pop’, described by Peclers as a “fleshy red” and mirroring a retro vision of the future. Meanwhile, ‘Tech Sensitive’ was linked to nude tones that came with a “tech effect” and provided a non-binary colour choice for the season.

The modernisation of classics

SS24 collections of Louis Vuitton, LGN and Vetements. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

One central overarching theme for Peclers focused on drawing influence from heritage designs and staple products of the past, yet in a modernised and updated fashion. This could be in the form of upsized classics, playful exaggerated proportions or 3D experimentation inspired by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Key products highlighted by the team included that of reworked denim jackets, flared pants and corsetry, while organic gabardine served as the essential material of choice. In terms of prints, the direction of technology was also present, with the concept of ‘Retro Glitch’ being highlighted. Primary colours in pixelated imagery and vintage-like tech effects summed up the look.

The need for adventure

SS24 collections of Olivia Ballard and Wooyoungmi and AW23 collection of Ottolinger. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

In a complete contrast, Peclers’ second theme was dedicated to the new adventurer, triggered by the rising concern around ocean life and the increased desire for travel. Here, nautical and outdoor inspired codes are combined with the Y2K aesthetic, resulting in a modernised take on utilitarian details and technical materials. Products in the spotlight for this theme included combat pants, lightweight parkas and asymmetric dresses, all in deconstructed forms. Material-wise, ‘Dirty Denim’ was a stand out, while “distorted fauna” and macroscopic camo were definitive print directions.

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