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Première Vision Paris unveils the key trends of Autumn/Winter 2022-23

By Léana Esch



Credit: Première Vision

Trade show Première Vision took place physically in Paris last month, showcasing the key trends to keep in mind for Autumn/Winter 2022-23. FashionUnited analyses the main themes of the season and why they’re particularly relevant to the modern consumer, from eco-responsibility and compelling textures to comfort and daring styles.

Eco-responsibility and circular economy

The autumn/winter 2022-23 season will see a growing emphasis on eco-conscious fabrics and a more responsible approach to production. The industry’s desire to be innovative doesn’t only involve products, but their whole life cycle, ranging from design to packaging. Whether we’re looking at solutions that have a low environmental impact or reduce the use of resources such as water and energy, the next winter season focuses on offering optimal sustainability. Style is still at the centre of it all, but is more conscious: manufacturers, weavers and spinners update their methods to embrace an authentic sustainability. Première Vision introduced the notion of ‘eco-ingenuity’ to tackle this new way of envisioning fashion.

Credit: Première Vision

All in the details

Product development constitutes the starting point of many innovations. For the next season, we’ll see a focus on fabrics and textures - they speak to our senses and are imagined with technical performances in mind. Sustainable innovations are not to be forgotten as new materials make their way to the collections, too - think eco-designs, unique properties and details that meet ethical criteria. This trend is based on qualitative materials that come with innovative features. Première Vision mentioned recurring themes such as ‘sumptuous authenticity’, ‘architected allure’ and ‘essential opulence’.

Credit: Première Vision

Style meets comfort

At a time when consumers are still hesitating between full-on loungewear and over-the-top looks, hybrids seem to be a fitting answer. Première Vision has spotted this growing trend, which mixes style and use to match our lifestyles. Well-being and easy comfort are key - they blur the lines between formality and less dressy attires. Casual takes centre stage: we’re thinking oversized tailoring, comfortable structured jackets, flowy and unrestrictive tops as well as stretchy bottoms, trompe-l’oeil effects and leather impressions. Tech also takes part in the concept, with Première Vision introducing the notions of ‘alter couture’ and ‘offbeat jacquards’ in its ‘Sport & Tech’ trend report.

Credit: Première Vision

Bold and daring

No matter if customers opt for casual and informal styles, powerful dressing will stick around. Daring styles and bold and bright details are updated to pack a punch and uplift any casual or minimalistic outfit, chief among them shiny trims, sequins and vibrant contrasts. Joy is back in our wardrobes for the autumn/winter 2022-23 season with the help of mysterious colour palettes and decorative craftsmanship details. Première Vision spotted several topics that will surely illustrate this trend - they’re dubbed ‘golden power’, ‘compulsively expressive’ and ‘raw romance’ to name a few.

Credit: Première Vision
Première Vision