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Red Carpet Green Dress works to fashion a more sustainable awards season

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: Red Carpet Green Dress

Red carpets have often been critiqued for being wasteful and unsustainable. Outfits are often worn once and never again. Then there are companies like Red Carpet Green Dress that are working to make the red carpet more sustainable. With the Oscars taking place last night, Red Carpet Green Dress worked to outfit top entertainment talent in an eco-conscious way. Post-Oscars, RCGD CEO Samata Pattinson offered some insight into how red carpets can go green, the state of sustainability in fashion, and what goes into naming their brand ambassadors. Red Carpet Green Dress is fashioning a more sustainable red carpet.

How is RCGD working to make the red carpet more sustainable?

Sustainability on the red carpet is not just about showing sustainable gowns on the night. It is about creating awareness, education, and finding new ways in the industry which will ultimately influence the designers` approach and the red carpet. We believe in the next generation and invest into young design communities through workshops, competitions, internships, and work experience. In partnership with the Annual Academy Awards, we push innovative design solutions and work with global and small independent labels to bring environmental and social sustainability to the forefront.

Why is it important that red carpet fashion become more sustainable?

A red carpet is all about this one moment. There are hundreds of hours of work behind a look for such an event and an incredible amount of resources needed. While this moment gains so much attention, we believe in the importance of making that moment last longer and while doing so using the attention to send out a significant message.

How do you all work to educate the fashion industry on sustainability?

We believe in leading by example. Only when we take a step and actually start doing a change, others will follow. That goes hand in hand with proactive education around the topic and equipping those who will lead the way in the future - the next generation.

How can the fashion industry work to make formal wear more sustainable?

It’s these global events that have the maximum reach that must represent sustainable fashion at its best. Fashion per se’ influences everyone’s personality, and nothing more than the most important red carpet there could have a true impact on viewers.

Are Hollywood stylists getting more on board with the sustainable red carpet movement?

Absolutely! We work with sustainable stylists for different projects all year round and it’s been so impressive to see the shift and the increase in the number of stylists who have chosen the sustainable route.

How do you all work to select your brand ambassadors?

Our ambassadors have one thing in common - they are agents of change. This year’s ambassadors, Tati Gabrielle and Paloma Garcia Lee, have been supporters of social and sustainable initiatives.

How do you score your sustainable red carpet fashion to ensure it's eco-friendly enough?

There are certain criteria we have in place to ensure a high standard of sustainability. These include reducing the waste of textile processes which do not have a negative impact on biodiversity, certified eco-friendly, organic and/or recycled materials, a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and water usage, as well as the usage of botanical or low-impact dyes to process textiles. And of course, our partner TENCEL provides us with the most sustainable materials.

How long has your program been in the works?

We started RCGD in 2009. It’s been an amazing journey so far to witness such a change and growth. We hope to continue to inspire, expand, and gather a wider audience who are ready to make a difference.

Aside from the red carpet, what other areas of fashion is RCGD involved in?

We have different ongoing projects throughout the year. We work with sustainable young and established designers and partner with TENCEL™ and CLO for our Global Design Contest which is open to anyone who has a passion for sustainability and is ready for a new challenge.

How do you all work to educate the fashion industry on sustainability?

At RCGD Global, we offer consultancy services, and also workshop programs for emerging and established designers. We really put ourselves out there to play a crucial role in supporting the sustainability goals of the fashion industry.

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